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​P A P I R I C A

​Osaka style Okonomiyaki 

22 Smith Street Collingwood
Melbourne 3066

Wed-Sun 10 - 3:30

03 9416 1829


The Sauce


We have been making our homemade sauce for Okonomiyaki since when it was still Pop up event in Fitzroy Melbourne 2013 before Papirica opened. 
Our aim of Papirica is to create the special space gives you the environment you have good time with your family, friends or your partner.
or for someone coming alone and chill out, you can escape from your busy life style with our food, cooked simple but properly with a lot of care. 
Serving you Okonomiyaki which is my soul food I grew up with In Osaka is perfect unique dish to add on for your special experience at Papirica especially if it is all homemade with love.

The sauce made from 100% scratch.

Fresh vegetables, fruits and spices. not containing animal products make it possible to serve all customer needs such as Vegetarians, Vegans.
No artificial flavour  or MSG in it  so please enjoy the flavour of each ingredients. 

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