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​Matsuda's Deli project

​Matsu's Shokupan Bread  
September 2020 



'Matsuda's Deli'
is Matsu's own small project. 
Making Sandwiches or dishes using my 'Shokupan' bread.

As you know things were really tough for small businesses and other industries including Papirica
specially since beginning of stage 4 lock down 2020 we have got impacted a lot.

I can say that I did everything I could for Papirica. Lots of new ideas, dishes etc, 
Although I know Papirica needs always focusing on our signature dish Okonomiyaki.

During lock down 2.0 2020  as I was getting into baking 
specially Japanese white bread called 'Shokupan'.

I knew only a few bakeries making them in Melbourne and sell to cafes, they are ridiculously expensive at trendy cafes. Not many places baking their own fresh ones by themselves and making sandwiches with them. 
if my bread can make someone bit excited, lets make some sandwiches with them at Papirica :)

As I mentioned this is my personal project that is why called

'Matsuda's Deli'  not permanent project could end anytime, so please come and try my sandwich.



​Only Cheesecake

​Akira's Cheesecake since April 2020



by Matsu from  Paprika

During Lock down  due to Covid-19 2020 at Paprika cafe,  as we are only allowed to do take away and delivery, I came up to the idea called 'Paprika kiosk'

focused on Espresso Coffee, Okonomiyaki, Homemade Japanese sweets etc under concept of to create the spot where you can take small hapineass to your home.

It was great start at the beggining but as lock down continues longer and there was even worst 2nd one happened, the shop started to be quieter... I found it was difficult to keep to excite people continuously under the stressful situation..

 I was still looking for one more special thing to add on the list what Kiosk does.


One day I asked Akira if she is interested to serve her Cheesecake at Papirica. As I remember she has baked very nice one before, was still rustic and needed to be improved, but already full of sweet cheesy love in it.. that is the magic spice of her cheesecake I wanted people to try. She spent a lot of time in the kitchen every day, practice and experiment new things, different ingredients until she developed the best, unique, original recipe.

As soon as it was on the menu Akira's cheesecake got so popular... Sometimes didn't last for half an hour till sell out... 

I asked her to continue 'Akira's Cheesecake' after lock down 2.0. Also start to think new project what she can do next with it. She makes people happy from her cheesecake. she also deserve to be happy from her hard work. I told her to start her own cheesecake shop. 

Not acctual shop, it will be insta account where people can order her  cheesecake directly so that she can make some money which she deserves.

Akira spent nearly 10 thousant dollars from her savings recently to apply for her visa to immigration.

If you have experience dealing with immigration you know they rip off from you... it is quite personal thing you don't need to know. I am just saying as story how I thought that this business idea might be able to support her..

the“ONLY CHEESECAKE” is the name of her cheesecake shop a.k.a “Akira's cheesecake” 

Cheesecake by Akira @only.cheese.cake 

Filming and editing 
by Rachel @ouija__bored 

Interview (coming soon)
by Simon @simonwinkler101 

Music by Matsu from @papirca 
Special voice sample by Mei

Heko Heko Hanten
Vegan eatry
Pop Up Store

​Since 9th July 2021


Heko Heko Hanten
Pop up store plant-based Vegan eatery in Melbourne

run by Rempei from Hokkaido Japan.

This is the first chapter of long story
Rempei's dream to open his own Vegan cafe
somewhere on the earth.

​Pop up have started from 9th July 2021..


名称未設定のアートワーク 5.JPG

Weekend Breakfast

​Since April 2022


​Pop Up

​30th September 2022

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